National Maker Competition for Girls

What We Do

Girls Maker Initiative was founded with a goal to engage girls in the Maker Movement that is sweeping the world today. We believe that making is an effective way for girls to bring to life their passion and creativity. All girls have the potential to use STEM to become problem solvers within their communities. By providing them a platform to showcase their talent and creativity, we believe we can build their confidence to take on bigger challenges and become future innovators and entrepreneurs. We aim to accomplish this through our maker competition for middle school girls and through free, guided workshops that show them that making is fun and enriching.


Ananya Ganesh

Hi! I’m Ananya, and I’m a freshman at Stanford University. I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you are registering for the National Maker Competition (it’s a lot of fun) or just looking for some projects to get started, thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer.

I started woodworking at a young age, trying to finish our home with my dad. That’s how I discovered my passion for making. You will find me often in my basement workshop tinkering with sensors (my absolute favorite) and exploring what engineering can do. Ever since I made a device to stop me from clenching my jaw, I stepped into a wonderland of innovating and building. My pursuits have been immensely rewarding, taking me from Broadcom MASTERS to ISEF to BioGENEius and to Regeneron STS. I’ve met incredible scientists along the way who have inspired a gazillion ideas in me and opened exciting opportunities for me to explore.

Whatever your career aspirations may be, joining the Girls Maker Initiative is sure to jumpstart your creativity and take you one step closer to your dreams. Come join me as we show the world what girls can make!